Stuffed Olives


Beautifully stuffed olives from Queen Creek Olive Mill

  • Blue Cheese Americano:  We use delicately funky creamed Americano blue cheese to hand stuff our crisp, cured green olives to create a martini-lovers dream. This yields a distinct and addictive stuffed olive, perfect for martinis, bloody marys, salads, and on their own. 
  • Oregano Feta: Cherished by the Greek Gods, these little gems are a favorite on Mount Olympus and a beloved staple in your kitchen. We take fresh creamed feta cheese and dried Greek oregano and stuff them into our crisp, crunchy green olives. 
  • Jalapeno Mexican Lime: Spice up your life with a little taste of the South-West! We carefully select fresh jalapeño peppers to hand stuff into our crisp extra large olives and then pack them in a perfectly balanced and citrusy brine. This yields a fiery, peppery olive, with a sensationally bright Mexican lime finish that is out of this world! 
  • Habanero From Hell:  Unleash your inner devil with our Habanero from Hell stuffed olives. We take freshly picked habanero peppers in all of their scorching glory and stuff them into our crisp, extra-large green olives. This produces a spicy, bright, and peppery stuffed olive with a perfect balance of heat and brine.