Mediterranean Medley Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mediterranean Medley Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been artisan-crafted with fresh-picked herbs. Oregano, Basil, Garlic, and Rosemary are carefully cold pressed with just-harvested California olives to create a savory flavor fusion. Buttery, with rich herbal aromas, and a hint of spiciness. 


Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Rosemary

Serving Size 1 Tbsp (15ml) Calories 140, Total Fat 18g, Sat. Fat 171.g, Trans Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Total Carb. 0g,Protein 0g

Product of California

Packaged in recyclable Italian glass bottles.
100ml (3.4 fl oz) bottles come with screw top
200ml (6.8 fl oz) and 375ml (12.7 fl oz) come with cork top
750ml (25.4 fl oz) come with rubber pour spout